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Grace Slater


Grace Madeleine Slater is a Photographic Artist, Writer, Curator and Educator living and working in Brighton. Slater currently holds a PGCert in Creative Education, an MA in Photography from Goldsmiths and a BA in Photography from UCA.

Grace is the founder of TheAntiMA programme.




Yang-En Hume is an Australian installation and mixed-media artist based in London. She has held solo and group exhibitions in London, Sydney and France. Her exhibitions Relics and Duplicate State held in 2019 and 2020, wove together found objects, cameraless photography and fibre art to explore how personal histories are remembered and constructed. In 2016, Hume coordinated a team of forty embroidery volunteers for her exhibition, Diaspora. She curated the exhibitions Pricked in 2016 and Atrophy in 2014. In 2014 she was team leader for the collaborative collage works, No Human Being is Illegal (In All Our Glory), coordinated by artist Deborah Kelly which were exhibited at the Sydney Biennale. 

Hume has been the recipient of various grants and prizes. She won the A-N artist bursary in 2020 and the NG Creative Residency Prize in 2018. In 2015 she was awarded the National Art School Paris Residency, the Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart Grant and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant.

Julie Allen

FIne Art

Jules Allan was born in Glasgow. She studied fine art at Brighton University, graduating in the early 9Os.

She later obtained an MA in art psychotherapy and she has practised as an art psychotherapist in the NHS and prison service for over twenty years. Her dual practices, as an artist and psychotherapist, inform one another. Both reflect a passion for using art as a way of giving form to what is unformulated; expressing things that may feel impossible to put in to words.

Jules prefers to work on a large scale and her mixed media paintings are often highly textured. Her subject matter is often related to mortality, sexuality and the vulnerability of the human body.

Jules Allan 

Website –                                               Instagram-@julesallan

Facebook-  julesallanart

Patrick Turner-Lee

Fine Artist

Patrick has developed a visual art practice in the last five years following a heart attack on Xmas Day 2013. He had never painted before but now has a studio in Brighton and have sold several paintings across Europe, America, Japan and Australia.

Starting his creative process with a routine of writing poetry every day, Patrick decided one day to started drawing with coloured pens. He swiftly moved onto painting images with Acrylics and Watercolours. By October 2014, Patrick was painting in oils. When he posted pictures of the finished work on Facebook, they started to sell.

Patrick has since held exhibitions in Brighton, Ramsgate, Tunbridge Wells and Maidenhead. He is based in Brighton and is currently working on portrait work, landscapes and abstraction.

Website         PTL Arts                                                       Instagram     paturnerlee
Facebook      Patrick Turner-Lee                                       Linkedin        Patrick Turner-Lee



Rosie is interested in how man-made objects are used to fabricate and mediate
the environment. She uses everyday materials and intentionally unsophisticated techniques to make sculptures. They focus on the falsified concept of the ‘natural’ and the mutability of made objects in a constructed world. Welcome to the platform Rosie!

Anthony Gorin

Poet and Photographer

Anthony is a self-taught artist, poet and photographer, with an emphasis on mental health, autism, and asexuality advocation and awareness through his personal journey. Both his photography and poetry come with a singular goal emphasising his mission to capture mental health promote empathy and to show people that beauty can be found wherever you are, wherever you go, even in the darkest times, beauty in the everyday, or as he likes to say- beauty, in normalcy.

        Photography IG          @beautyinnormalcy                 

        Youtube         Beauty in Normalcy                                 Website: 


Charlotte Still

Environmental Artist

‘A sense of place is a virtual immersion that depends on lived experience and a topographical intimacy.’  

Lucy Lippard  ‘Lure of the Local

Charlotte’s practice has been described as ‘a wandering curiosity’ 

She looks locally to address environmental concerns in an experiential quest for deeper understanding of the world and our interconnectedness with it 

Her experience is just as much the work, and any physical piece stands as a memento 

She uses film or anything else, mostly found, that seems appropriate to comprehend, communicate and memorialise the experience.

Water week Website


ARtist educator

Zoe is a precarious working, multidisciplinary artist from Yorkshire living in Brighton, with one foot in the conceptual, one foot in the visual and one foot in the everything in-between. Her work centres around live art and social practices with anything she creates having an inherent sense of unpredictability and ephemerality, as is life. 

Zoe is passionate about radical pedagogy through drawing, openness, listening, discourse and whisky, and regards any teaching role as a live, participatory happening and a vital part of her own practice and education.
Welcome to the platform Zoe! 🙌🏻 



Through highly creative workshops, Stephanie Crechriou encourages
participants of all ages
to explore their capacities, their imagination, to feel confident to
create some amazing bespoke
items and therefore bring a feeling of achievement and empowerment to
each and everyone.
With her 20 years, and enthusiasm to teach this ancient art, everyone
who tries the art of felting, loves it.
It is an art form that is achievable for all ages and abilities
and the resulting work is never short of impressive.

My website is                                               Instagram   hyppanie

Arabel Lebrusan

Artist and Jeweller

My name is Arabel Lebrusan I’m an artist and jeweller. For the last 25 years, I have been creating work that would fit in one of these 2 worlds, or on both at the same time. I have been campaigning to make the jewellery world more ethical and sustainable, and through this inspiration I have created social commentaries with my artworks.

There is a strong drive inside of me to create, to make the world a better place, to care for the earth, to celebrate the people in it, to distribute wealth better, to celebrate craftsmanship, to honour the hands who make and build, to work collaboratively, to create awareness by connecting things that seem unconnected in our day to day lives, to create space for people to think and feel,